Portrait by Chrissie Hall, 2016

KATHERINE SABBATH: High school teacher turned cake creative

Katherine Sabbath is a Sydney-based, self taught cake creative and passionate merry-maker. Originally a High School English, History, Geography and Commerce teacher, she has always been a self-confessed, sprinkle-covered, sticky-fingered, bake-aholic! Any spare hour would be spent mixing, rolling, piping, dusting (not to be confused with the housework kind), ganaching, sprinkling and of course, taste-testing! Her love for experimenting with new flavours and dessert concepts, has led her to pack up the teaching textbooks and dive head-first into the dessert world. 

She is happiest when creating thoughtful, unique and deliciously crazy cakes and desserts for loved ones, friends and family. Katherine enjoys documenting her recipes and is passionate about sharing her candy-coloured and creatively joyous food ideas with others. Her work has been published in countless magazines, websites and social media channels and you can see her live in action by visiting any one of her dessert demonstrations or workshops held across Australia as well as internationally.

After joining Instagram in early 2013, sharing photos of her creations and snap shots of her vibrant personality, has resulted in an international cult following of more than 380,000 - serendipitously making her a household name among home bakers world wide. There are even a number of people out there sporting Katherine Sabbath cake tattoos! This overwhelming social media success prompted Katherine to move on from her career as a high school teacher at the beginning of 2015, to focus on what she calls “The Cake Life”, full time. 

In between teaching hands-on workshops, demonstrating in front of hungry audiences and supporting home bakers (who she believes are the best kinds of people), Katherine relishes in collaborating with others and has also worked alongside major brands and businesses through creative partnerships. A proud home baker, Katherine actively encourages home baking enthusiasts alike to share their Katherine Sabbath-inspired creations using her Instagram hashtag, #katherinesabbath and the cheeky motto, “Go Ahead, Bake My Day”.

Pictured: Portrait by Chrissie Hall, 2016.