Raspberry Chocolate Swirl


Aside from eating the good stuff straight from out of the packet, this has always been my favourite thing to do with chocolate! Here’s an easy-peasy recipe with little effort and a beautiful reward. For baking beginners, there is no whisking, piping, rolling or fiddly bits. Just lots of creative and unbridled fun with chocolate and gorgeous raspberries. Melt it down, spread it out, swirl it around, add some tasty morsels and…Ta-da! 

While these make delicious treats on their own, they can also be used as fancy adornments to your cakes and desserts, as well as sweet gifts for friends.



400 grams high-quality dark chocolate
100 grams high quality white chocolate
1/4 tsp pink oil-based colouring suitable for chocolate, or pink colouring powder
1-2 drops raspberry flavoured oil (optional)
1 cup freeze dried raspberries. These are available in health food stores, most specialty grocers and online. Fresh raspberries will also do the trick but please note the shelf life of your chocolate will be reduced to 2-3 days, because as with any fresh fruit, these will naturally go ‘funky’.
1 wooden or metal skewer

For that extra special finish (optional):

Crushed meringue (homemade is always the most delicious but meringues are readily available in specialty grocers, most bakeries and supermarkets)
Edible gold leaf (available in most cake decorating supplies stores)
Edible gold dust (available in most cake decorating supplies stores)




Step 1: Line a large baking tray (mine is 40cm x 30cm) with baking paper or use a silicone baking mat. Melt dark chocolate either in the microwave or a double boiler. If using the microwave, place chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, and heat at 30-second intervals, stirring each time with a metal spoon or silicone spatula until chocolate is silky smooth.

NOTE: If you are using any type of couverture chocolate (my personal favourite) which contains a high cocoa butter content, you may need to temper your chocolate as per manufacturer’s instructions, in order to obtain the best taste, texture and overall results.


Step 2: Into a separate heat-proof bowl, melt white chocolate using the same method as your dark chocolate. Stir in pink chocolate colouring until well combined and a desired colour is achieved. At this stage, add raspberry flavoured oil, if using.


Step 3: Pour melted dark chocolate onto your baking tray/mat and spread all over until chocolate is the thickness of approximately 3-4mm. 



Step 4: Using a spoon, dollop pink-coloured white chocolate all over various areas of the plain white chocolate. With a skewer, quickly and repeatedly swirl throughout chocolate. And I mean go as quickly as you can! Otherwise your chocolate may begin to set before you are finished. When you are happy with your pattern, immediately sprinkle on freeze-dried raspberries and any other fancy elements. Give the tray/mat a little shake to further embed the raspberries into the chocolate and place in refrigerator until completely set (approx. 30 mins in the fridge). Once chocolate has hardened, use a blunt knife to carefully break into different sized shards. To store, keep in a cool environment.



Yours with chocolate covered fingers,

Kat Sabbath xo